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ESWG 2 - 4 September Oslo Norway, Venue Thon Hotel Opera. 

Preliminary program

Workshops 2 September

  • Forensic mathematics and statistics, STR-SNP
    Dr. Daniel Kling and Dr. Andreas Tillmar
  • Mixtures analysis
    Dr. Peter Gill and Dr. Øyvind Bleka
  • Mass disaster identification
    Dr. Bo Thisted Simonsen
  • Interlaboratory comparison, ESWG proficiency test.
    Dr. Daniel Kling and Dr.Andreas Tillmar

Scientific topics 3 – 4 September

  • Direct-to-consumer genetic testing and forensic genealogy
  • Biogeographic origin. Key note speaker: Prof. Mark Jobling
  • Massive parallel sequencing, technics and practical use. Key note speaker: Dr. David Ballard
  • DNA mixture interpretation, STR and MPS. Key note speaker: Prof.Denise Syndercombe Court  
  • DNA phenotyping and epigenetics. Key note speaker: Dr. Athina Vidaki 
  • Detection of tissue types and body fluids. Key note speaker: Dr. Titia Sijen
  • Haploid marker interpretation. Key note speaker: Dr. Martin Bodner

Congress venue;  Thon Hotel Opera, Dronning Eufemias gate 4, Oslo

If you want to reserve a room at the Thon Hotel Opera, please follow the link: A limited number of rooms are reserved for the Conference.


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