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of paternity or exclusion is a website hosted by the Department of Genetic Kinship and Identity, former Institute of Public Helth (Folkehelseinstituttet) now Oslo University Hospital. We are the most experienced DNA paternity testing service in Norway. Since 1988 the Dep. of Genetic Kinship and Identity has conducted thousands of DNA tests. Our reputation for quality and customer service is recognised by our wide range of customers including members of the public, government departments and the legal profession.

This website is addressed to members of the public. Private DNA testing is voluntary and the individuals being tested give their consent for DNA testing. You can register cases for paternity as well as maternity DNA testing, sibling DNA-testing, grandparentage DNA testing, personel DNA profiling and Y-chromosome DNA-testing (paternal lineages). All requests are treated in the strictest of confidence.

THE ONLY SUPPLIER TO PUBLIC AUTHORITIES SINCE 1938: Department of Genetic Kinship and Identity performs all paternity and family relationship DNA-testing required by The National Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) and The Courts of Justice (domstolene). 

If you are obliged by the government departments (NAV) or legal profession (Tingrett) to give a sample for DNA testing, you must follow the instructions you have recived from them and make an appointment at your medical doctor or a laboratorie (ex. Rikshospitalet (prøvetakingsenheten), Fürst or Volvat) for taking samples and control of identity. The medical doctor will send the samples to our laboratory for analysis.  



The Dep. of Genetic Kinship and Identity quality management system has met the NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard since 2008 and are subject to external monitoring. We provides analysis, test reports and services of highest quality. The Dep. of Genetic Kinship and Identity is accredited by the Norwegian government accreditation unit, Norsk Akkreditering (TEST 049). 

You can read more about how to proceed if you want to order a privat DNA-analysis here.


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