Paternity (child, possible father and mother):

Additional participants (several children, possible fathers):


Nkr 3120,-

Nkr 1560,- / person


Twin test (dizygotic (fraternal) or monozygotic (identical):


Nkr 780,- / person  

Complex familiy relationship:


Nkr 1660,- / person  

DNA profiling:


Nkr 1480,- / person














By needs of additional testing, the costs are included in the fee.

Mouth swabs and FTA-cards for sampling are included in the fee.  


This fee does not include:

Costs associated with the taking of samples by a medical doctor / nurse / laborant.

Any legal fees associated with the case. 


Invoice:     An invoice will be sent to your address in Norway. The final report is sent once the invoice has been paid and registered.

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